Chris & Rebekah, Peppers Creek Winery

Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck - so these two should have that covered! Thank you Bec and Chris for not letting the constant drizzle dampen your day.

We love it when kids are involved in a wedding! You never know what may happen, which certainly keeps everyone on their toes but also creates some very special moments. Bec and Chris share two beautiful daughters, who (of course!) stole the show on their wedding day! But thanks to their families and friends helping to keep them entertained we managed to quickly steal mum and dad away for a few photos, too.

It was the first time for us at this beautiful venue, and the Barrel Room they chose for their reception is simply stunning!

Bec and Chris - we wish you and your girls an amazing future together. Make sure you continue to make each other laugh, as you did on your wedding day. Thank you very much for having us capture a small part of your day!

Rebekah & Chris


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