Haley & Dave, Club Macquarie Wedding

Haley and Dave got married in front of their families and friends. They asked us to photograph part of their day, and nerves and excitement were high when we arrived. We loved their tribute to Dave's mum, who had not long passed away, with her urn taking a front seat. Their ceremony was filled with lots of emotions and tears of joy, especially when Dave laid eyes on his bride. Haley had a calming effect on her groom, and both of them had the biggest smiles after being introduced as Newlyweds.

Haley and Dave - thank you for letting us capture your ceremony! We actually share the same wedding date with you, and it was very special spending our anniversary photographing another wedding. We wish you and your family all the best for your future.

Haley & David














Charli Smith(non-registered)
I do not know you, so I can't tell you why you should wear wedding bands; but my husband and I chose to wear the wedding bands because they are an outward symbol of our never-ending love for one another.
gary tzu(non-registered)
I have watched this video that you have share and i found it very interesting also I've visited to the other pages of this website where i found more interesting stuff.
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