Lyn & Kel, North Entrance Surf Club

From the initial meeting we had with these two ladies we knew this wedding would be a special one. Such great sense of humor and a wonderfully relaxed approach to planning the big day. All they really wanted was for everyone to have fun, and to finally be able to legally get married! After all, they had made a commitment to each other a long time ago, but had to wait for legislation to catch up.

Witnessed by their families and friends, they tied the knot in a very personal ceremony, with songs dedicated to one another and their children. There wasn't a dry eye in the house, plus lots of laughs! Everyone was so involved and truly happy for Lyn & Kel, and the whole event was as much a wedding as it was a celebration of everyone supporting these two in their lives.

Congratulations Lyn & Kel, and thank you for making our work so much fun!

Lyn & Kel















Chris Bailey(non-registered)
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