Vella Family photoshoot, Bambara Road walking track, Kariong

People often think having professional family photos done is an unnecessary luxury, after all we all have good phones that take decent photos, right? Life is busy, and we actually take way less photos than we may think - and most of the time one family member (usually the one that's taking the photo) is not in them.

Sometimes it takes a dramatic life event to remember what's important - making memories with your family and preserving those moments. Chelsea and her family were gifted this photo session with us, after she got diagnosed with cancer. It was so important for her to have some beautiful family photos taken before her hair would start falling out from the treatment. Her story touched our hearts and really emphasizes the fact that we should treasure what we have and make the most of our time. The Vellas have been continuously making special memories and cherishing their time together.

A family session may not be on top of your priority list, but having these wonderful photos that reflect the love you have for each other is priceless and can make all the difference when life get tough. We wish you, Chelsea all the best for your way to recovery and always keep that positivity and infectious smile of yours!

Vella Family



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