COVID-19 - a pandemic that puts life and your wedding plans on hold

Usually our Blogs are about happy occasions, our photo shoots, but the situation we currently find ourselves in calls for a bit of a different Blog.

We don't think this virus deserves any more attention than it already has, but it has affected so many people and businesses already, with unfortunately the wedding industry hit hard as part of it, that we like to share our approach to handling it.

We've already had some couples postponing (actually all of our winter weddings now) and we are expecting more devastated brides and grooms to contact us. The longer this crisis is going, the more weddings will be affected, and once strict regulations are set in place venues and vendors are obligated to follow, to ensure people's safety and to avoid fines. The added stress this event is causing when you're already fully involved in your wedding planning is heartbreaking, especially for those couples whose weddings are just around the corner. All final details are in place and they are ready to enjoy their day, only to have their plans cancelled. The fact that it is something completely out of their control makes it so much harder to accept. Who knows how this crisis will develop and when it will end!

In times like these it is crucial to focus on things that are really important - your health and the love and support you share. Yes, it is terrible that right now you cannot go ahead with the wedding as you planned, but this doesn't mean it won't happen! It will, and when you finally have your dream wedding it will be even more special. This crisis will make us appreciate what we have, and make us realize that we cannot control everything. However, we can control how we tackle this crisis and make sure we come out stronger than before.

Have you considered still going ahead with your ceremony? Government regulations may prohibit gatherings of any kind, but you can still get married, even if it's just the two of you, your celebrant and witnesses. Social media and technology make it easy for your other guests to be a part of it, through live streaming, chat and videography options. And once things have gone back to normal you can have the biggest party and celebrate your wedding once again!

We as a wedding supplier are very understanding of the situation and are allowing all our couples that are affected by the current changes to reschedule their day if they wish to, pushing most weddings into the last term of the year and well into 2021. The circumstances we're faced with are unprecedented and out of anyone's control, and it would be unfair making our couples lose their booking or make them pay a fee when they choose a new date. It is hard enough losing your wedding date and cancel all plans for now - we feel for every couple going through this difficult time. Remember you are not alone in this, and it will certainly not be the end of your dream wedding!

It has affected us massively as a business. As in other industries new bookings have stopped, as couples understandably wait out this crisis before tackling their wedding planning. On a positive note, we know that eventually this crisis will be over, and we're preparing for a busy time afterwards. Couples will pick up where they have left of, and new bookings will come. This current time will hopefully make people more conscious of what's important in their lives and bring us all closer. We're ready and excited for a fresh start!

If you happen to be one of those couples affected in your planning - rest assured we'll be here to support you and are ready to jump into a new season of weddings. 2020 was a big year for wedding bookings (actually our best year since starting our wedding business!) - up until Coronavirus put a hold on all plans. As devastating as it is right now, we try to be positive and stay busy behind the scenes. We're hoping that 2021 will be the new and improved 2020.

For anyone reluctant to plan their big day right now - this might actually be a good time to start browsing and looking for wedding vendors you like. You might be hesitant to lock in a date, but knowing your budget, preferences and what you like in a vendor will help you narrow down the search for the perfect fit for your day. Due to postponements and rescheduling, a lot of popular dates for spring and summer this year and for 2021 will be booked quickly. It doesn't hurt putting your feelers out early, talk to some vendors to see if your personalities click and then lock them in as soon as you set your date. Also, it doesn't have to be a Saturday wedding - your guests will love you for giving them a long weekend if you choose a Friday or Sunday!

All we can say is, don't be discouraged in your planning - this too shall pass! It may be a stressful time, on top of planning a wedding which is already stressful enough. Let's support each other - us wedding suppliers as well as any small business need all the support we can get at the moment, too! You can help us and other vendors by sharing and following our pages and recommending us to friends and family. Giving your favourite vendors a stellar review, purchasing gift vouchers or simply commenting on their work will make their day and increase their exposure, so they can jump back into work once the crisis has passed. The little things go a long way and can make a business stay afloat in these uncertain times. After all, we're all in this together and hope to survive the storm.

Remember that health is our greatest good, and even though your plans may have to change it is a necessary evil to follow the rules of social distancing and will keep us safe in the long run.

We'd love to hear from you how you deal with this situation - whether you are a vendor or a couple affected. Are you going ahead with your wedding or are you holding off? What advise can you give others affected by it?

For now, all we can do is keep calm, stay positive and stay safe!



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Because of covid the lots of people weddings are disturbed and they are not able to call their love ones as well. I have found the information about your services would be wise and updated. Thanks for the further help here that would be wise to all.
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