Elopement ceremonies and small weddings - not just a Plan B

A lot of our couples are deciding to have a smaller wedding instead of wanting all the bells and whistles of the traditional wedding, even before the current social distancing rules and restrictions came in. And who's to say an intimate ceremony can't be as beautiful! We always say to our couples to have the wedding the way THEY want, and some people do not want all the fuss and attention of a big wedding. If you look at it, all you really need is yourself and your loving bond as a couple to make it a special day, and if you like to surround yourself with your closest family or friends, a legals only or small wedding allows for that, too. Budget may be another reason for couples to keep their weddings small. Whatever your reason may be, you shouldn't see an Elopement or small wedding as a compromise solution or Plan B. With the right attitude and a wonderful celebrant it can be just as emotional and special as any elaborate wedding.


If you are one of the couples that were meant to get married this year but have been left disappointed and feeling lost among all the current restrictions, keeping your original wedding date may still be possible.

You most likely chose that particular date for a reason or it might carry special meaning – so why not still get married that day? You can have the big party once the restrictions have been lifted completely and even do another ceremony or vow renewal, just the way you originally planned.

Who doesn't like to celebrate their wedding twice?

And it doesn't need to break the bank, either! Elopement ceremonies are no more expensive than getting married at the registry office (sometimes even cheaper!), but – in our opinion – are a lot nicer and more personal. A big bonus is that you can choose a nice location to tie the knot, like a park, nice backyard or the beach.


We have photographed some beautiful intimate weddings and can wholeheartedly say that they can be just as memorable and touching as any big wedding! Those few people that get to witness your ceremony will feel even more honoured to be a part of your day, and the focus really lies on the importance and beauty of your union as a couple.

We believe any wedding - big or small – deserves to be captured. Photos have the wonderful ability to bring back memories and carry emotions, and we like our images to be a true representation of your wedding day.

When we designed our photography packages we were thinking about how different everyone's needs and plans are, and how we can pay that justice. Our smaller photography packages are aimed at couples that are simply looking for someone to photograph their ceremony – after all, that's what it's all about! We make sure there is always enough time to do a quick bridal shoot, too, so you get those beautiful portraits of just the two of you on that special day. Or if you prefer, we can photograph you with your guests before you head of for a celebratory lunch or dinner.

Whether you have already found your celebrant or are looking at a package option that suits you – we are happy to help. We have worked with some wonderful celebrants and know some beautiful locations to have your ceremony that will also work well for beautiful bridal photos.

Sometimes we need to free ourselves from expectations that say you have to go all out when it comes to weddings, and have to stop worrying about whether you can afford getting married! There is always a way, and an Elopement or intimate wedding might just be the perfect choice for you.


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