Dance studio shoot - part 2

Three years ago (almost to the date) we had our first taste of shooting a studio style dance session. We enjoy trying something new and with photography, there's always something new to learn and plenty of room to experiment. Since our first session we knew we'd like to do this kind of shoot again, but this time with some new equipment and a different approach.


First off we would like to thank Michelle Maree's School of Dance for allowing us again to use their studio, and for Kate and Michelle for their time to arrange the dancers and help on the day.

We would also like to thank the dancers, for their patience and dedication: Hayley for performing with a broken ankle, Maeve also for turning up with a broken foot, along with Eryn, Lucinda and Lulu. Thank you again girls, you were a pleasure to work with, and your love for dancing shines through the photos.

The shoot was going to be a little different this time. Rather than just have the girls dance in front of one backdrop, we brought along (and fought with) three - black, white and (never again) chrome green. And although the edited versions of the photos alone look stunning, we also had another vision in mind for these photos.


So starting out with this original capture,

a finished edit turned out to look like this


We hope to get the chance to shoot with the girls again (possibly on location) or just in the studio again.

If you're a dancer and would like to do a similar shoot with us please get in touch.

Please enjoy the rest of the photos!

Possibly my favourite photo from the shoot:




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