Lisa & Matt - Happy Valley Weddings and Events

Lisa & Matt - Happy Valley Weddings

Lisa and Matt contacted us through a mutual friend. They had planned a casual celebration and simply wanted us to photograph ceremony and a few bridal shots afterwards. It's not unusual that we haven't met the couple in person before the big day, and when we arrived, the place was already bustling. The party had already started, and we found Matt first amongst all the guests. He was bit nervous but very excited to see his bride and get the show on the road.

Under the midday sun Matt and Lisa tied the knot in front of their kids, families and their friends. Family photos proved a bit tricky as we had to compete with the grazing platter and literally had to whisk some family members away from the food (can't blame them though!). We used the garden and swing on the property We wish more venues had swings - it's always a lot of fun for the couple releasing the inner child and can make for some beautiful photos.

We wrapped up after two hours, whilst the celebration continued. No doubt everyone had a great time, it was a relaxed and happy vibe throughout! 

We enjoyed capturing part of your day, Lisa and Matt, and wish you a lifetime of happiness.


Ceremony Venue: Happy Valley Weddings and Events

Reception Venue: Happy Valley Weddings and Events

Celebrant: Katie Blanchflower

Make Up: Melinda- The Getaway - Eyelashes, Beauty, Makeup, Hair & Nails

Hair: The Getaway - Eyelashes, Beauty, Makeup, Hair & Nails

Catering: Honey and Brie Grazing

Decorator: The Event Decorators

Cake: SNB Cupcakes

Flowers: Arrow and Rose 


Lisa & Matt


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