Our Flushmount Album

Albums are forever.

This is why you need one.

When we started doing wedding photography we were reluctant to offer wedding albums. Quite frankly, we didn't really see the value in them at that time. But, weren't we wrong!

When we were looking for our own wedding, we saw it as a pricey product that would end up sitting in our cupboard or under our bed collecting dust, only to be pulled out once in a while on special occasions.

Since then, a lot more product variety has come out, which are less bulky and allow more customisation, making an album design more personal and unique. We have always told our couples how important and special it is to have a tangible product, a physical reminder of your special day.  And it doesn't get much better than a beautiful album.  Do you remember going through your parents' or grandparent's photo albums as a kid? How special was it to see those images and hear their stories!  That's exactly what your wedding album will do. It will take you right back to your wedding day, and those generations after you will love looking through the photos, too. It will become a part of your family history - not just a precious keepsake for yourself, but a family heirloom that will be cherished.


So why the higher price point?

We are lucky enough today to have such amazing products available, that are crafted to stand the test of time. It is both the production and the design process of the albums that justify their price.

When we were looking for a supplier to work with we, focused not only on the highest quality but also wanted to choose an Australian made product. In times like these, supporting local businesses is more important than ever. We fell in love with the Flushmount album - a handcrafted product that is bound with a seamless gutter, allowing the pages to sit flawlessly flat.  This enables us to fill a page with one photo, without a visible cut in between, and really showcasing the true beauty of the image.

The pages have a beautiful texture and feel, plus the materials used are carefully selected and specially treated to ensure maximum longevity. You can tell how much care and pride goes into this product! The albums are customisable by imprinting the cover, so our couples can choose whether they like their names, initials, wedding date or a special message on the album. We love this, as every wedding and every couple is different, and your album should represent you. You can also choose from two different cover materials, a leatherette and linen - we love them both! There are plenty of colour options, too. When we chose the album size we went for an A4, as this is not overwhelmingly big and bulky, but a decent size to fit in your book shelf or on the table, inviting you to view it more often. We were so excited when our portfolio album arrived - we love showing our couples what their images can look like and more importantly, how beautiful they will look in an album.

We cannot wait to create many of these beauties!


The design process

When you choose a wedding package with an album included, we will start designing it as soon as the photo editing process is finished. We will carefully design the album layout to retell the story of your wedding day. This is quite time consuming, as we want to get it right before we show it to our couples. We ask our couples to trust us in choosing the images for the album, as we know how hard it is to go through them and choose favourites, let alone design an album yourself! However, if you have a special request or like more input in what goes into the album before we present you the proof you are welcome to.  We will guide you through the whole process and ask about your preferences along the way, so we can give you an album that truly represents your day. When we are happy with the album layout, we will schedule in a proofing session with you, which will take place at our home/studio. You will be able to view the design on a big screen - this might also be the first time you see your wedding photos, so please make sure you come together. It is such a special moment! You can then give us feedback - whether you instantly love it as it is or whether you ask for a couple of tweaks here and there. Either way is fine - we want you to be 100% happy with your album! Once you give us your approval we can then order it for you. You choose cover and imprint yourself to suit your taste and personality. Then all you have to do is wait for us to contact you that your album is ready, which may take a few weeks.

If you're looking for your photographer and love to have an album to treasure, please CONTACT US. We would love to show you the album in person and hopefully get to create your own unique version.


Love Captured-Promo Album

This is our portfolio album with copper imprint on rust leatherette cover.


  Love Captured (5 of 9)Love Captured (5 of 9) Love Captured (2 of 9)Love Captured (2 of 9) Love Captured (4 of 9)Love Captured (4 of 9) Love Captured (3 of 9)Love Captured (3 of 9) Love C (1 of 1)Love C (1 of 1)


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