Digital SANTA 2021



A - 1 digital image, fully edited and printable, sent to your email $40


B – 2 digital images, fully edited and printable, sent to your email $70


  C – 3 digital images, fully edited and printable, sent to your email $100


How it works – please read before booking


Photo sessions take place in our studio in Kariong.

Sessions are strictly by booking only, with one timeslot per family. We will send you a quote with the option to choose one of the three Collections available (one image, two images or three). If you are not sure at the time of booking please choose Collection A, as you will be able to upgrade to more images after the session, if you love more than one image.

You will be assigned a timeslot of 15 minutes per session.

Please note: there will be NO actual Santa present at the session! We exclusivley work with digital backgrounds. This will result in unique and magical images different from shopping centre settings. In times of social distancing this allows us to put Santa right next to you! We will guide you throughout the session. Most of all, have fun, as it will show in your images.

Our settings can only accommodate a small amount of people, and you may be asked to get close, to fit you into the image. If you have a small baby or child unable to sit on their own, you will need to hold them and be in the photo. Please let us know when you enquire how many people you like to be photographed together, so we can help you choose the backdrop that works for you (please state the name as per photos below).

Your child/family will be photographed in front of a grey backdrop and posed in ways that suit the digital backdrop you choose. Your image will then carefully be edited into the digital backdrop with Santa, creating the illusion of a real life scene, just like you're next to Santa.

If you have an anxious or shy child, you are welcome to sit/stand next to them to make them comfortable, even if you don't want to be in the final product. This is the advantage of our editing (we simply cut you out)! Our sessions are also perfect for children that are scared of Santa or have sensory issues – no crowds, no waiting in line and no stranger your child is asked to sit next to!

Due to all our backdrops lighting being slightly different, we encourage you to look through the sample images below and choose your favourite scene with Santa before booking your session.

Well behaved pets are welcome under the condition that they are on a leash at all times and able to stay calm, as the set contains sensitive equipment. Please note that we have a cat, whose scent may be picked up by your pet. We ask you to inform us at the time of enquiring if you plan on bringing your pet. Sessions including pets will be limited to certain dates only.

After we finish photographing we will show you the photos we took of you, and you choose there and then your favourite to be edited into the Santa backdrop. If you love more than one image, you are also welcome to upgrade to one of our bigger collections at this point, unless you have already chosen one upon booking.

Payments need to be finalized through our booking system (or cash on the day for any remaining amounts) before you receive your images. Unfortunalety we do not have EFTPOS facilities.

Once your image is edited, you will receive it via email you provided at the time of booking. You are able to print the image yourself and use it how you please. We are also happy to order high quality prints for you at an additional cost.

Please note that we may use images for advertising purposes – if you prefer not to be featured on Social Media or our website, please inform us at the time of booking or at the end of your session. Otherwise we will assume you agree to us using images.


Before your session


Most importantly, tell your child that Santa will not be there in person! There's nothing worse than a disappointed child, when they realise they won't get to meet Santa.

Here's a message from Santa you may want to use:

Ho Ho Ho! I'm sorry I cannot meet you today – I'm super busy preparing for Christmas, and the elves and I are working around the clock. I've left a photo for you that we took in a quiet moment. All that is missing is you next to me to make it perfect! With a bit of Christmas magic I'll be there with you soon. Merry Christmas”


Clothing- if you decide to choose a winter scene with snow, please bring clothes that suit this setting (no thongs and shorts please!), so the image we create for you looks as realistic as possible.

There is no heating or cooling in our studio set up, so please dress according to the weather on the day, so you feel comfortable. If you bring winter clothes for your scene you can pop them on just before the session.

You are welcome to bring simple props and dress up if you like. Please avoid grey clothing, due to our background being grey.

Make sure you arrive on time, as we will have multiple sessions per day. This way there will be no waiting time and you will get the most of your time with us. Timing is especially important in case of Covid restrictions, to avoid gatherings. Should restrictions make it impossible for us to go ahead with sessions we will either reschedule or offer a refund.

As mentioned, the set-up is simple and might not look like much. There will be a backdrop and some lights set up, which may look unfamiliar to children. Most kids have plenty of imagination though, and we will make sure they are comfortable and relaxed with us. Showing your child one of our example photos before you come in may help, so they they know what we are working towards and are happy to cooperate.

We are hoping to see you for a session this year! Should you have any more questions please let us know. To book, please send us an email through our CONTACT PAGE.

Remember to let us know: 

- how many people will attend (kids' names and ages would be great to know, too)

- which scene you like 

and we will do our best to accommodate you. We will update available sessions regularly. Please follow our Facebook page for times and more examples of images.


Here's what one of our 2021 clients had to say:

"We just completed Santa photos with my two boys. I have a VERY busy 5 year old wiggle worm who doesn't like to smile on cue and would rather run off and play with the cat! Clint was so patient and fantastic with my boys! I wondered if we even got a workable shot...To my delight THE PHOTOS CAME BACK AMAZING!!! I am so impressed and would highly recommend Smithers Photography! THANK YOU SO MUCH *****"


                                                              STORYTIME SANTA - ideal for children or parents with small child

Santa2020 FinalSanta2020 Final

                                                                             Finished image from our 2020 sessions

Santa-in-Snow-Pets-2021Santa-in-Snow-Pets-2021                                                                  CANDY CANE SANTA - our exclusive backdrop for pets


                                                                      SANTA ON SNOWY PATH - ideal for families or children


                                                           GIFTS FROM SANTA - ideal from children or parents with a small child


                                                         SANTA ON THE LOG - ideal for children or parents with small children


                                                                    SANTA IN THE PINES - ideal for families